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Riverboarding in Malaysia

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Best time: October–March

Riverboarding, sledding, hydrospeed, ripboard—these are some of the names for the same crazy and highly extreme sport which has recently become quite popular. Check it out only if you are a good swimmer and not afraid to continue your journey across Malaysia with a few bruises and scratches all over your body.

Riverboarding can be practiced on all different kinds of rivers, but it may influence the level of difficulty. However, even the easiest conditions require a person to be in good physical shape, be a good swimmer, and ideally over 15. Each participant is given a plastic floating board, fins, a thick wetsuit, scuba boots, and a helmet. After a bit of thorough training, the real challenge starts and the key opponent in that challenge is the flow of the river, which turns, swirls, bumps, and throws people in its bubbly whitewater among big gray stones. During the whole crazy cruise, river borders should try to stay on board, but if nature manages to prove stronger, skillful guides will stay close to offering a safety line.

Riverboarding is available throughout the whole year, but dry periods are better for first timers as rivers are less powerful. If you choose to riverboard in the state of Perak or Selangor, schedule this event between October and March.

Practical info

When is the best time to go riverboarding in Kuala Lumpur?

For those seeking less turbulent river flows, it is recommended to go riverboarding during dry periods. While the sport can be practiced year-round, the best time to riverboard in Malaysia's Perak or Selangor states is from October to March when the rivers offer easier conditions. This timeframe is particularly suitable for novice riverboarders. Show more

What equipment is provided for riverboarding in Malaysia?

Participants in riverboarding activities are provided with essential equipment that includes scuba boots, a thick wetsuit, a helmet, fins, and a plastic floating board. Prior to the activity, all attendees undergo comprehensive training to familiarize themselves with the gear and safe tactics to navigate the fast-flowing river water while guides remain available for further assistance during the activity. Show more

What is the minimum age requirement for riverboarding?

The minimum age recommended for riverboarding in Malaysia is 15 years old or older. This is primarily to ensure the safety of participants, given that riverboarding requires good health and fitness levels. Due to its physically grueling nature, children, and younger participants are typically discouraged from participating in the extreme water sport activity. Show more

Are there any specific physical requirements for riverboarding?

Riverboarding is an intense water sport activity that demands a high level of physical fitness to navigate fast-flowing water and rocky river beds. Good swimming skills, upper body strength, and balance are imperative to undertake this water sport activity safely and successfully. Participants should ensure they meet the physical requirements before committing to riverboarding. Show more

Where in Malaysia can riverboarding be practiced?

Riverboarding is a popular activity in Malaysia and can be carried out on several rivers across the country. Riverboarding is particularly famous in the natural abundance, national parks, and rivers of Perak and Selangor States. Riverboarding sports vary in difficulty, providing a range of options for participants, from easy to challenging, depending on their preferences. Show more

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