Best time to visit Maui, HI

Hiking in Maui, HI

It feels like Hawaii exists to impress visitors with stunning views of bamboo forests, coastal trails, and volcanic areas

Best time: year round (best time: Sep-Oct, Apr-May)

Pipiwai Trail, Bamboo forest direction.
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If you are up to hiking on Maui, consider your training level and the trip's length first and only then the natural phenomena you want to see. Hiking on Maui allows you to choose everything from lush forests to dried volcanic routes on a 700 sq miles (1812 sq km) island. Most parks here have free admission and parking. Instead, you can make a charitable contribution to support their development.

Pipiwai Trail

Pipiwai Trail in Haleakala National Park takes around four hours to complete. The route can't be confused with any other due to the famous bamboo forest, where you can literally lose the feeling of time. Numerous waterfalls and tropical gulches only confirm the Pipiwai Trail's status as one of the best on the island.

‘Iao Valley Trail

The fresh-green hills of ‘Iao Valley Trail will take you through some Hawaii history pages like the Battle of Kepaniwai. This 10-mile (16-km) long trail is an incredible whole-day trip to see Hawaii's best flora and fauna.

The Sliding Sands Trail

The Sliding Sands Trail of Haleakala looks similar to what we imagine when we think about the surface of Mars. With the part of the route passing through the real crater base, this trail is suitable only for hikers with experience and good physical training.

Twin Falls Trail

Be ready that Twin Falls will take your breath away. This beginner-friendly trail is a popular destination, usually crowded but worth it. A one-mile (1.6-km) hike will take you to natural pools and waterfall cascades surrounded by ancient caves.

Hawaii is a year-round destination, with two seasons being most delightful for hiking. September to October and April to May can guarantee sunny weather and less crowded trails. During the winter months, you can experience infrequent and light rain along with the lowest air temperature during the year, which is 15°C (60°F).

Practical info

When is the best time for hiking in Maui, HI?

The best time to go on a hike in Maui, HI is during September-October or April-May months due to the sunny weather and less crowded trails. Winter months receive occasional light rains and have temperatures ranging from 15°C (60°F). Maui is an all-year-round destination, though. Show more

What are the recommended hiking trails for beginners in Maui, HI?

Twin Falls Trail and ‘Iao Valley Trail, both in Maui, HI, are suitable hiking trails for beginners. Twin Falls Trail takes you to natural pools and waterfall cascades surrounded by ancient caves, while ‘Iao Valley Trail is 10 miles (16 km) long, passing through Hawaii's best flora and fauna. Both trails have free admission, easy access, and on-site parking facilities. Show more

How long does it take to complete the Pipiwai Trail in Haleakala National Park?

You can hike the Pipiwai Trail in Haleakala National Park in approximately 4 hours. It is a well-marked trail with moderate to strenuous difficulty featuring numerous waterfalls and tropical gulches, including a bamboo forest. However, it is not recommended for inexperienced hikers. Show more

Is it recommended for inexperienced hikers to try the Sliding Sands Trail in Haleakala?

The Sliding Sands Trail in Haleakala is only suitable for experienced and physically trained hikers. It passes through the real crater base, offering a glimpse of the Mars-like surface of Haleakala. For inexperienced hikers, it is more advisable to venture on beginner-friendly trails such as the Twin Falls or ‘Iao Valley Trail, while staying on the safe side. Show more

Where can I find the best waterfalls and natural pools during a hiking trip in Maui, HI?

Maui, HI offers places with natural pools and waterfalls for hikers to relax and swim. The Twin Falls Trail provides several waterfalls and natural pools surrounded by ancient caves. The Pipiwai Trail contains numerous waterfalls and gulches, including the famous bamboo forest. The ‘Iao Valley Trail has freshwater streams, waterfalls, and a magnificent view of the valley. All three accessible hiking trails are kid-friendly and free-of-charge. Show more

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