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KC Restaurant Week 2023

A favorite time of the year for foodies


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Every January Kansas City Restaurant Week offers food enthusiasts an opportunity to discover the city's best restaurants while taking advantage of special menus and other offers. For 10 days and two weekends, 200 of the hippest​ and fashionable eateries of Kansas City offer special multi-course menus for lunch and dinner ranging between $15 and $33. Every year about 10% of new restaurants join the Week, so Kansas City residents and guests always have a chance to try something new.

Discover organic farm-to-table options or innovative fusion cuisine, including appetizers and desserts. No wonder Restaurant Week draws thousands of diners every year. Since restaurants get quite packed during this time make sure you book early, try to avoid peak hours, and mind that crowds get thinner during the second weekend.

Another benefit of Kansas City Restaurant Week is a charity program. Participating restaurants donate 10 percent of sales to three local charities. KCRW has raised over $2 million for good causes since its inception.

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