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Mount Horeb Trollway in Midwest

This town is lined with carved trolls, pointing to places to shop and eat

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Mount Horeb Trollway
Mount Horeb Trollway

The troll population of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, is constantly growing. It seems that the town is determined to prove its status of the troll capital of the world and to draw more tourists to the area. Visitors can take pictures with troll sculptures, buy troll-like gifts, dine in troll-themed restaurants, and more.

The town of Mount Horeb was once settled by immigrants from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and especially Norway. So no wonder there has been such particular attention to trolls, which originate in Scandinavian folklore. The 20th-century Scandinavian gift shop, named Open House, started placing trolls imported from Norway on lawns to draw in the visitors. That's how Mount Horeb Trollway appeared.

Visitors can take a map in local shops and check out every single troll in town. Locals believe that they bring good luck and protect them from misfortune. Many businesses in Mount Horeb display business-themed trolls or include these characters in their signs.

Practical info

What is Mount Horeb Trollway?

Mount Horeb Trollway is a street located in a small Wisconsin town called Mount Horeb. The street is prominent for its collection of quirky troll sculptures and businesses with troll themes. The place is ideal for tourists and visitors who are interested in such unique attractions and enjoy observing creativity at its best. Show more

When is the best time to visit Mount Horeb Trollway?

The summer months, particularly between June and August, are the best time to visit Mount Horeb Trollway due to moderate weather conditions and several town events, including but not limited to, an annual art fair, and a Fall Heritage Festival lasting two days, featuring a parade and live music. However, visiting the street, troll sculptures, and themed businesses is a year-round pleasure for tourists and interested visitors. Show more

Where can I find the troll sculptures?

Troll sculptures are spread throughout Mount Horeb Trollway, which is the main street of the town. With the assistance of a map from local shops, tourists and visitors can explore the complete troll path. The sculptures are colorful and made from stones and wood, among other materials, to make them captivating and visible. Show more

What is the significance of trolls in Scandinavian folklore?

For centuries, trolls are part of Scandinavian folklore and a crucial aspect of their culture. They have human-like features, including big noses, sharp teeth, and long hair. Trolls are often depicted as dangerous or mischievous and bring good fortune or protect people from harm. In Mount Horeb, the troll sculptures are believed to bring good luck and are amicable symbols intended to offer a warm welcome to the town. Show more

Are there any events or festivals related to trolls in Mount Horeb?

Several events and festivals related to trolls take place annually in Mount Horeb. In June, the town's art fair features local artists displaying their troll-themed art. In September, the Fall Heritage Festival includes plenty of troll-themed events over two days. Mid-July sees the town's Troll Festival, including a parade and live music performances, with plenty of fun and entertainment for the visitors. Show more

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