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Mount Horeb Trollway in Midwest

This town is lined with carved trolls, pointing to places to shop and eat

Mount Horeb Trollway
Mount Horeb Trollway

The troll population of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, is constantly growing. It seems that the town is determined to prove its status of the troll capital of the world and to draw more tourists to the area. Visitors can take pictures with troll sculptures, buy troll-like gifts, dine in troll-themed restaurants, and more.

The town of Mount Horeb was once settled by immigrants from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, and especially Norway. So no wonder there has been such particular attention to trolls, which originate in Scandinavian folklore. The 20th-century Scandinavian gift shop, named Open House, started placing trolls imported from Norway on lawns to draw in the visitors. That's how Mount Horeb Trollway appeared.

Visitors can take a map in local shops and check out every single troll in town. Locals believe that they bring good luck and protect them from misfortune. Many businesses in Mount Horeb display business-themed trolls or include these characters in their signs.

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