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Buddha Jayanti (Buddha's birthday) 2023

Celebrate Buddha's birthday at his birthplace and in the capital of Nepal

Dates: May 5, 2023

Buddha Jayanti (Buddha's birthday)
Buddha Jayanti (Buddha's birthday)

Lord Gautam Buddha Siddhartha was a son of King Suddhodhan Gautam and Queen Maya Devi born in 543 BC in the garden of Sal trees in Lumbini zone, located in Rupandehi district of Nepal. This picturesque location in the western Terai plains of Nepal is where Prince Siddhartha have also spent his childhood and youth. Lumbini was listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

You can observe there one of the biggest celebrations of Buddha’s birthday which falls on the first full day of the first month of the Hindu lunar calendar.

In Kathmandu, the most prominent festivities can be observed in two great stupas—Boudhanath and Swyambhunath. Celebrations are also held in the city of Patan. Activities at Buddhist stupas and shrines start with dawn and continue till late at night.

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