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Earth Day 2020

The annual Earth Day is made to show that being eco-friendly doesn't have to be a burden

Earth Day in New York 2020 - Best Time

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Environmental pollution has become a global problem, and we hear more and more about it every day. And it's crucial today to enlighten folks about these things and to start acting. The Earth Day initiative is all about educating and spreading the word about ecological problems and possible solutions. In New York, this day is widely celebrated, and lots of festive events are held. One of the biggest ones is Earth Day Outdoors at Union Square. While listening to some music and tasting snacks, you'll be able to learn about different environmental c​am​paigns, local business with green initiatives, and green travel. A sharing economy exhibition takes place during this vibrant block party as well.

Earth Day in New York - Best Season 2020
Best time for Earth Day in New York 2020