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White Water Walk

You will not want to miss this perfect ambience during your promenade


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Immerse yourself in the relentless beauty and power of the White Water Walk and discover how narrow and deep the Great Gorge truly is. The White Water Walk is unique with its boardwalk at the very edge of one of the most feral stretches of whitewater in the world.

The walk can be easily accessed as it is on the bus route (WEGO system), a mere 4 km north of the falls, near the Whirlpool Bridge. It is located within walking distance of the Niagara Falls Ontario bus and train stations. Free parking is available and the attraction is wheelchair accessible except for two small viewing areas which can only be reached by stairs.

At the White Water Walk, you'll ride 70 meters down in an elevator and then walk along a 73-meter-long tunnel. The boardwalk is 305 meters beside the rapids, and stairs lead to observation areas at the edge of the river.

Due to the weather conditions, the attraction is open usually from April through October. Keep in mind that every year may have a slightly different start and end dates.

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