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Quad Biking (ATV Tours) in Reykjavik

A great way to combine Icelandic nature with sightseeing and get a bump of adrenaline

Best time: all year round

Quad Biking (ATV Tours)

It may be fairly called a three-in-one experience, for you are going to explore Icelandic nature, visit its most outstanding landmarks, and get thrills at the same time. You'll ride the vicinity of Reykjavik, around the Arctic wilderness of vast plains and hills, across muds and rivers, or snow and ice, depending on the season. Besides the four-wheeled fun that normally lasts for a few hours, an ATV quad tour program implies more activities such as ascending mountain peaks, or glacier walking, and what not.

Tour operators provide you with a guide and virtually all necessary equipment. You still are required to bring your own comfortable shoes appropriate to the season, and the driver's license.

Most of the tours offered operate all year, whereas some are seasonal (either summer or winter). The best time is every day—it's all up to your preferences, whether you like snowy landscapes, muddy trails, or grassy sceneries. Riding on snow and ice is more challenging than on dry trails and require more skills. Of course, unfavourable weather conditions may introduce certain changes to the tour availability.

Practical info

When is the best time to go quad biking in Reykjavik?

Quad biking tours are available year-round, but some are seasonal. Winter trips allow for thrilling snow and ice landscapes but may be challenging. Summer tours offer long daylight hours, warm weather, and grassy access routes for easier riding. Note that tour availability may be impacted by weather conditions. Show more

Where can I find ATV quad tour operators in Reykjavik?

Reykjavik has several tour operators such as ATV Reykjavik, Arctic Adventures, and Safari Quads offering ATV / quad tours. These tour companies supply a guide and virtually all necessary equipment, but comfortable shoes and valid driving license are essential to bring along. Do research on the tour operators to make sure you choose the right one for you. Show more

How long do quad biking tours usually last?

Quad biking tours usually last between two to four hours, but some operators may offer longer tour packages. It depends on the operator and the specific tour chosen. Most tours include additional activities, such as ascending peaks or glacier walking, so be sure to check the details before making a reservation. Dress appropriately and be prepared for weather changes to ensure optimal comfort during the tour. Show more

What level of physical fitness is required for this activity?

Quad biking requires moderate physical fitness. Riders must be able to manage extended periods of riding while maintaining control on uneven terrains. Quad bikers must also have the endurance to bear the elements for a prolonged time. Ensure with the tour operator that there are no age-related restrictions before booking the tour. A valid driver's license is mandatory for all riders. Show more

Are there any age restrictions for quad biking tours in Reykjavik?

Quad biking tours may impose a minimum age of 17 years or older. Age restrictions may vary depending on the particular tour. A few operators provide special family-friendly tours and may have no age restrictions imposed. Ensure with the tour operator that the tour is appropriate according to age and ability level. Moreover, a responsible adult must accompany anyone younger than 18 years. Don't forget to bring a valid driving license. Show more

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