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Land or Sand Yachting in Scotland

Water is not absolutely necessary to sail—when your boat has wheels and a sail you can easily glide on land

Best time: September–November | March–May

Land or Sand Yachting
Land or Sand Yachting

People have been developing land yachting sports for centuries, and it has been available in various forms. In Scotland, one may experience its newest form—sand yachting. The sails are set on the three-wheeled vehicles and powered by the wind as your "boat" glides over the land—anyone suffering from a phobia of water will definitely appreciate such an alternative to traditional sailing.

As soon as nature rewards you with a breezy day, gather your friends and visit St. Andrews in Fife and try your hand at this sport. The Blown Away company provides equipment year-round.

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Where is the best location to try sand yachting in Scotland?

Sand yachting enthusiasts flock to St. Andrews in Fife for an unforgettable thrill ride. The stunning location's perfect mix of windy conditions with awe-inspiring scenery is the ultimate sand yachting experience. Blown Away, a well-known company in St. Andrews, provides first-rate equipment so that thrill-seekers can enjoy sand yachting year-round. Show more

What is sand yachting and how is it different from traditional sailing?

Unlike traditional sailing, sand yachting guarantees high-adrenaline excitement and pure speed. Sand yachting involves using a three-wheeled vehicle with a sail to move over land. The wind powers yachts to glide over the sandy surface, making it different from traditional sailing. Sand yachting offers an exhilarating experience for those who seek adventure, whether they are afraid of water or not. Show more

When is the best time of the year to visit Scotland to try sand yachting?

It is best to visit Scotland for sand yachting during the periods when there is sustained and strong wind speed. Reliable wind conditions occur between September and November and March to May. Although sand yachting is possible all year round, autumn and spring usually provide the best conditions for enthusiasts. Keep an eye on the weather forecast before planning your trip. Show more

How can one prepare for sand yachting? Are there any special skills required?

It is best to wear comfortable, warm clothing and protective equipment that can be rented from the company. Although sailing experience is not necessary, a fundamental comprehension of sail operation to achieve the best speed is helpful. Before launching into the sand yachting adventure, it is critical to listen to the instructor's guidance to ensure your safety. Show more

Are there any age restrictions for trying sand yachting in Scotland?

Although there are no strict age restrictions, most sand yachting companies require children below 16 years old to be accompanied by adults. Children under 16 years old can only ride as passengers, and can operate the sail upon reaching their 16th birthday. Since sand yachting is a high-speed, skill-intensive, and exhilarating activity, it is always advisable to inquire about the company's physical and age limitations before signing up. Show more

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