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National Bird Watching Month in Sri Lanka

Explore the wonderful feathered species of Sri Lanka during a special birding event

Best time: December

National Bird Watching Month
National Bird Watching Month
National Bird Watching Month
National Bird Watching Month
National Bird Watching Month

With over 400 bird species, 200 of which are migratory from India, Scandinavia, Western Europe and Siberia, Sri Lanka offers a spectacular adventure for birdwatchers. The end of the year is your best chance to see most of the birds, which is why December has been declared the National Birdwatching Month by the Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka.

Kumana National Park, the Bodhinagala Forest Reserve, the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary and many other preserves welcome nature lovers during this time by offering special tours and other activities to educate the public about bird life.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka for birdwatching?

The ideal bird watching season in Sri Lanka is December, particularly the end of the month. It's the National Birdwatching Month in Sri Lanka, and most of the birds can be witnessed during this time. Visitors can indulge in various activities such as exploring bird sanctuaries, participating in special tours, and engaging in outdoor activities. December also has a mild and warm climate, which is perfect for bird watching. Show more

Where are the best bird watching spots in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has many reserves accommodating over 400 species of birds, which makes it a bird watcher's paradise. Reserves like Kumana National Park, the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, and the Bodhinagala Forest Reserve are some of the best places to explore. The wetlands and lagoons are also perfect for birding, especially for bird species that migrate from Scandinavia, Western Europe, India, and Siberia. Other popular locations include the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the Udawalawe National Park, and the Minneriya National Park. Show more

What is the approximate number of different bird species in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is home to over 400 bird species, with 26 species that are endemic only to the country. Migratory birds also account for over 200 species, making it a well-visited location. Sri Lanka's birdlife ranges from eagles, harriers, and pheasants to sparrows, finches, and wagtails. With so many varieties of bird species in a unique habitat, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for visitors who are passionate about birding. Show more

How long is the National Birdwatching Month in Sri Lanka?

The National Birdwatching Month takes place during December in Sri Lanka, and it lasts for the entire month. December is an ideal month to witness several bird species, including migratory birds, during their annual migration. Sri Lanka celebrates this month with numerous activities, special tours, and events organized by several organizations devoted to protecting birdlife in Sri Lanka. Show more

Are there any other special activities offered during the National Birdwatching Month besides bird watching tours?

Apart from bird watching tours, the National Birdwatching Month offers several other activities, such as bird photography workshops, nature treks, lectures, bird ringing demonstrations, and exhibitions. These events aim to create awareness about birdlife conservation in Sri Lanka and educate visitors on the unique bird species present. During this month, some organizations hold bird surveys and rescue programs, giving bird enthusiasts an opportunity to participate in wildlife conservation efforts. Show more

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