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Skiing and Snowboarding in Toronto

Steep and gentle slopes, snowboard terrain parks, and a tubing field—ski resorts around Toronto have tons to offer

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding

If you're having a vacation in Toronto in winter and looking to hit the slops, there are a couple of decent ski resorts not far from the city. The closest ones are set a little over 60 km away. Dagmar Resort offers 17 runs of various complexity, likewise, Lakeridge is good for both experts and novices, offering 23 runs and a snowboard park.

Glen Eden Resort is the closest one, yet it offers mostly gentle slopes which may not appeal to those who love extreme rides, but the prices are the lowest. Moreover, there is a terrain park, and the kids' favourite attraction—the tubing field.

The season runs from December through March.

Practical info

What are the options for ski resorts within a 60 km radius of Toronto?

Within an hour's drive from Toronto, visitors can choose from a variety of ski resorts. Dagmar Resort and Lakeridge are two of the closest resorts, offering skiers with different skill levels a range of slopes. Glen Eden Resort is another option, the closest to Toronto with mostly gentle slopes ideal for beginners and families. Visitors to Toronto will have no trouble finding a ski resort to enjoy winter sports. Show more

What kinds of slopes are offered by Lakeridge and Dagmar Resort?

Lakeridge and Dagmar Resort offer a variety of slopes for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. With 23 runs for skiing and snowboarding, Lakeridge is a popular choice for families, and its snowboard park is an added perk for snowboarders. In comparison, Dagmar Resort offers 17 different slopes, each offering skiers with varying skill levels a chance to experience different degrees of complexity. Both resorts are a great choice for visitors to Toronto looking for fun in the snow. Show more

Is Glen Eden Resort a good option for those seeking extreme skiing and snowboarding?

Glen Eden Resort, located close to Toronto, is a fantastic option for beginners and families but may not be the suitable choice for those looking for extreme skiing and snowboarding. The resort primarily offers gentle slopes, which make it a great option for skiers with little to no experience. However, visitors can take advantage of its terrain park to practice tricks and jumps. For more experienced skiers looking for adrenaline-pumping skiing, there are other ski resorts in the area to check out. Show more

Are terrain parks available at the Toronto ski resorts for snowboarders?

The Toronto area ski resorts cater to both skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Lakeridge offers visitors its snowboard terrain park, which provides a range of jumps and rails suitable for everyone. At Glen Eden Resort, visitors can find its terrain park, which is perfect for people who enjoy tricks and adventurous jumps. Both ski resorts provide terrain parks that offer a unique experience for snowboarders seeking thrills and new challenges. Show more

What is the cost range for skiing and snowboarding at Toronto's ski resorts?

The cost of skiing and snowboarding in Toronto varies depending on several factors, including resort and the season. Glen Eden Resort, the most affordable option in the area, is perfect for visitors on a tight budget. Lakeridge offers more slopes and terrain parks but is still priced reasonably. On the other hand, Dagmar Resort is the priciest option but will provide you with the broadest range of slopes and challenges. Resorts may offer discounts for groups and families or during off-peak seasons. Prices typically range between $20-50 CAD per adult, making skiing and snowboarding accessible to everyone. Show more

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