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The Karma Cup 2022

The largest cannabis products expo and competition in Canada

Dates: September 10–11, 2022

If you come from a country where cannabis is not legal, this festival might seem slightly surreal! Dozens of vendors are offering marijuana, hash, edibles, topical and more during the two day span of the Karma Cup Festival, which is held in downtown Toronto. The Karma Cup is the gathering of best cannabis producers in the country, where they can socialize, share knowledge and compete to be recognized for their achievements.

The Karma Cup Cannabis Festival, is held outdoors and you have to be at least 19 to attend, no medical card is needed to enter. In addition to vendor village, the festival has plenty of entertainment—live music and DJs, guest speakers, and The Cannabis Competition Awards Ceremony.

Competition is held in such categories as Indica Bud, Hybrid Bud, Sativa Bud, Indica Solvent Extract, Hybrid Solvent Extract, Sativa Solvent Extract, Live/Sauce/Diamond/Cold Extracts, Solventless Extracts, CBD Product, Pre-Roll, Disposable Vapor Pen/Cartridge, THC Distillate, Edible, Topical. The Karma Cup Festival was launched in 2013 by Sarah Sunday, who wanted to create a platform for cannabis growers, industry experts, and fans.

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