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Rafting in Ukraine

Ukraine has multiple rafting opportunities—for the greatest thrill try them out in spring

Best time: April–October


Ukrainian Carpathians are priceless not only for a variety of hiking trails, but also for the mountainous rivers, perfect for white water rafting. Besides rafting, canoeing and kayaking are also possible on dozens of rivers all across the country.

Best places for rafting in Ukraine

The Chornyi Cheremosh River (or Black Cheremosh) is the most famous rafting location in Ukraine. The river starts at the border with Romania near Verkhovyna. In this picturesque area, you can perfectly combine a hiking adventure with a splendid rafting experience. A typical river route runs through the villages of Zelene, Topilche, Krasnyk, Iltsi, Verkhovyna, and Verkhniy Yaseniv. Other popular rafting spots include the Pivdennyi Buh (or Southern Buh), Dnister, Stryi, and Tysa Rivers.

Best time for rafting in Ukraine

Even though in some years and on certain rivers the season might open as early as March, the prime time to indulge in this sport is April to October. Yet, if your priority is white water rafting, opt for late April and May, when the rivers are replenished with melted snow and abundant spring rainfall.

Rafting tours

Most travel operators offering rafting tours are situated in Lviv, Ternopil, Kyiv (or Kiev), Mykolaiv, and Odesa (or Odessa). A variety of itineraries allow you to customize your rafting trip to last from a few hours to several days. In addition to equipment and guide's services, a tour cost usually covers the meals and night stays. Feel free to explore some tour operators listed in the External Resources. Also, note that each city boasts excellent dining and sightseeing, so you may want to plan a more extended getaway. Thus, look at the map below suggesting accommodations nearby.

Practical info

What is the best time to go white water rafting in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, white water rafting typically begins in March, though the best time to do so is between April and October. Those seeking a thrill might prefer late April and May, when river flows surge due to melted snow and abundant spring rainfall. Rafters can expect an unforgettable experience any time they choose to go. Show more

Where is the most famous rafting location in Ukraine?

Considered Ukraine's prized white water rafting destination, Chornyi Cheremosh River is a thunderous body of water located along the Ukraine-Romania border. This stunningly beautiful location boasts narrow passages, variously-sized drops, and rocky sections, making it a paradise for both seasoned and novice rafters. Show more

Are there other water sports besides rafting available in Ukraine?

Besides rafting, Ukraine's water sports activities also include kayaking and canoeing. Enthusiasts can also go swimming, diving, and yacht riding in the Black Sea. With many diverse offerings, Ukraine's water sports activities have something to offer everyone, seasoned sportspersons and curious novices alike. Show more

When does the rafting season generally open in Ukraine?

Experience seekers can usually start rafting trips as early as March, though the best months for rafting in Ukraine are from April to October. Spring months, particularly late April and May, are the best time for a more thrilling ride, with fast-flowing rivers from melted snows and spring rains adding to the thrill. The rafting season in Ukraine offers plenty of exciting options for all rafting enthusiasts. Show more

Where can I find travel operators that offer rafting tours in Ukraine?

A range of travel operators in cities like Lviv, Ternopil, Kyiv (Kiev), Mykolaiv, and Odesa (Odessa), offer rafting tours with options ranging from a few hours to several days. Visitors can expect to enjoy immersive guided tours for an all-inclusive price that includes equipment, accommodation, meals, and experienced guides. Travelers can survey available options online or seek guidance from external resources on tour operators' listing Show more

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