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Amazing winter views and relaxed walks in the untouched mountain top snow


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Snowshoeing is all about enjoying refreshing winter landscapes while walking through beautiful snow-covered mountains. It's a chance to escape the noisy skiing resorts and breathe in the freedom of undisturbed snow on the mountains. Most modern snowshoes are designed for your comfort and warmth. They are made of light metal or plastic and the heel is left "free" for easy walking. The only thing you'll need is walking poles to help with rhythm and balance. The most impressive trails for snowshoeing can be found in Salzburg's Rauris Valley. The amazing high peaks towering above you will make a huge impression before you even begin. This trail takes approximately 3 hours. After that, ​you can enjoy a warming meal at the Alpengasthof Ammererhof. You can even take a toboggan or skis with you for a faster way down. Or you can spend the night in one of the guestrooms and proceed with your adventure in the morning.

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