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With a bit of experience skiing or snowboarding, it might be time to take the next step!

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One more exciting sport to try during your winter vacations is snowkiting. This is a kind of sport that requires snow and wind but no mountains. Constant winds and a large space are really important. You can practice it on skis or a board. Being pulled by a kite you just fly above amazing landscapes. You can glide and jump for tricks at speeds up to 80 km/h. This is not an activity for beginners nor the faint-hearted. Snowkiters need to have good skills in either skiing or boarding and know how to control the kite. It is a new challenge for those who want to try something new besides skiing and boarding. The best places are usually snowy meadows, pastures, and fields. Some of the best suitable spots can be found in Kreuzberg at The Bavarian Forest, in the regions near Mauth/Finsterau, Philippsreut, Sankt Englmar, in the Franconian Fichtel Mountains, in Upper Bavaria, and Inn Valley.

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