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Wakeboarding in Budapest

A perfect activity if you're looking for extreme even while travelling

Best time: May–October


When you travel you're full of new experiences. But what if your love for extreme sports travels with you? Then you have to find a place to apply your passion and skills. Omszk Wakeboard Centrum is one of the perfect places for this in Budapest.

Wakeboarding was invented in Australia in the 70s and became popular around the world very quickly. There are a few different ways to wakeboard but the easiest and most popular is probably using a cable lane. This is also the type used in the Budapest Omzsk Wakeboard Centrum. It doesn't require any particular preparations and is available for beginners as well.

If you've never tried wakeboarding before make sure to arrive early since the 'beginner hours' are only until 12pm. In case you're more skilled and would like to try even some obstacles, come after 12pm. The Centrum works from the beginning of May and until late October. So if the weather is nice and you're in the mood for speedy riding on the water take your friends for an active day out. Free beer is provided!

Practical info

Is wakeboarding at Omszk Wakeboard Centrum in Budapest only for professionals?

No, beginners can also try wakeboarding at Omszk Wakeboard Centrum in Budapest. The center offers designated hours for beginners when instructors are available to guide them and the cable is slower and easier to handle. The center rents equipment such as the board, bindings, and life jackets, allowing the gear to be readily available for the visitors. Rest assured the center provides a safe environment for individuals of all experience levels. Show more

What are the center's designated hours for beginners?

Individuals who are beginners and those looking to practice their basic skills should visit Omszk Wakeboard Centrum in Budapest during the center's opening hours until noon. The cable is slower and more manageable during this time, which is better for novice riders. After noon, the cable speed increases, and obstacles are added to the course, making it suitable for advanced and experienced riders. The center is open May through October, depending on the weathers. Show more

What kind of cable does the Centrum use to tow riders?

Omszk Wakeboard Centrum in Budapest utilizes a Sesitec cable. The system has a primary cable that drags up to 8 riders around the course simultaneously. Each rider has his/her handle and can control the direction to follow around the course. The cable allows a faster and smoother ride, challenging even the most experienced riders and enabling them to attempt adrenaline-pumping jumps and stunts. Show more

What facilities are available at Omszk Wakeboard Centrum besides free beer?

Aside from free beer, Omszk Wakeboard Centrum in Budapest offers other facilities to guests. The center has a beach area complete with sun loungers, a bar, and a restaurant, providing a spot to unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The center also provides showers and changing rooms to freshen up and clean up after the ride. The center can be reserved for private events, such as corporate functions, birthday parties, and team-building sessions. Show more

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