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Lulo Fruit

Colombia is home to this indigenous tropical fruit called lulo. It's one of the best fruits for juice!


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Colombia is full of exotic, tropical, and unusual fruits which you've probably never tried before like gulupa, cherimoya, granadilla, guanabana, etc. Lulo is a favourite fruit in Colombia. It's a citrus-like fruit that grows on a small shrub or tree.

Lulo feels and looks like a small tomato. It is full of Vitamin C which is why it is so healthy. It can improve your immune system, build strong bones, protect against certain cancers, and relieve stress. In Colombia, it's very popular to make juices from lulo and a drink called lulada. Lulada is a cold and refreshing drink made of mashed lulo, lime juice, water, sugar, and ice.

The harvesting time for lulo in Colombia is from the middle of September until mid-November.

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