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Pardubice Aviation Fair 2023

One of the oldest and most popular air shows in Central Europe

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Pardubice Aviation Fair is the biggest air show in Czech Republic, held at Pardubice Airport, East Bohemia. The popular event features aeronautics performances in the air and lots of interesting ground displays, which include vintage planes and exhibits on aviation technology developments.

The two-day program of the Aviation Fair in Pardubice includes top performers, like the Flying Bulls team. The fair is also known for its reenactments of famous battles and various events from aviation history. The performances of the most skilled pilots from different countries and famous aircraft are accompanied by pyrotechnic effects, ground equipment, and soldiers in historical uniforms.

On the ground, the public can admire static displays, including historical aircraft like Lockheed P-38, North American B-25, F4U-4 Corsair, T-28 Trojan, airplane replicas, and modern fighter jets. Don't miss the demonstration of the Bo 105C helicopter, which can perform various aerobatic maneuvers. The gates of the Pardubice airport open to the general public at 8 am on both days.

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