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Kayaking in Dublin

One of the most pleasant activities in the Irish capital

Best time: April–October


Dublin is one of the best European capitals to be explored by kayak. Paddling with the friendly seals in Dublin Bay, peaceful kayaking on the Royal Canal Basin and excellent city kayaking on River Liffey right in the Dublin City Center are great activities for those who are not afraid to get wet.

A kayaking tour along River Liffey will let you see some of the city’s iconic landmarks. Explore Jeanie Johnston ship and go under famous Ha’penny Bridge. Most rentals have sit-on-top kayaks which are double-seaters, very stable and safe. You can also join one of the kayaking tours to make planning and navigation easier.

If you are not afraid of kayaking in the open waters, try a trip to Bull Island in the northern part of Dublin Bay. It has a nice sandy beach, dunes and salt marshes. The island is popular for observing marine life and birds.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to engage in kayaking in Dublin?

Dublin is best visited for kayaking during pleasant weather conditions of April through October when temperatures range between 45°F to 70°F. Dubbed as an ideal kayaking time, there are calm sea waters which provide a comfortable and secure experience. So, if kayaking in Dublin is your goal, it’s best to plan your visit during the mentioned season. Show more

What are some recommended locations to go kayaking in Dublin?

If it’s kayaking amidst nature that you prefer, then kayaking at the Royal Canal Basin, the beautiful Dublin Bay - a treat to nature lovers where you can paddle along with friendly seals, kayaking toward the northern part of Dublin Bay on the Bull Island, or along the River Liffey, all qualify. Another popular kayaking spot is the River Liffey, providing stunning views of the city's landmarks. Show more

What type of kayaks are usually available for rental in Dublin?

For kayaking rentals in Dublin, sit on top kayaks are widely available that come in double-seaters that are stable and secure. Ideal for beginners or those looking for a leisurely paddling experience. Single-seaters kayaks may also be available for rentals, primarily for experienced kayakers. Life jackets and paddles are always made available with all rental kayaks. Show more

What is the best way to find kayaking tours in Dublin?

Multiple companies operate and offer kayaking tours in Dublin. Identifying the best one is a matter of preference. A quick online search will provide a list of accessible options with different tour categories such as kayaking to view scenic places or wildlife. To ensure a memorable experience, it's always advisable to check out tour company reviews to be well-informed before booking; there is also the option to inquire from your hotel tour desk. Show more

What species of wildlife are commonly observed while kayaking in Dublin Bay?

Dublin Bay is a wildlife lover's paradise; it's a common sight to spot approachable seals while kayaking. While uncommon, there is a possibility of spotting dolphins, basking sharks, and even the occasional whales, a few of the magnificent marine creatures in the Dublin Bay waters. As you paddle, you can take in the stunning sights of different species of birds like herons, oystercatchers, and cormorants, amongst other birdlife. Show more

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