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Best time to visit Glacier National Park, MT

White Water Rafting in Glacier National Park

Add some adrenaline and water splashes to your Glacier National Park stay

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White Water Rafting is a great way to enjoy the fantastic outdoors of Glacier National Park. Several raft companies operate a wide range of trips on the Middle Fork, Upper Middle Fork, and North Fork of the Flathead River, located along the southwestern boundary of the park within the Flathead Wild and Scenic River area. The rafting season on the Flathead River runs from May through mid-October.

Flathead River features exciting white water rapids. But you can also opt for peaceful floating on the calm sections of the river, which provides a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful nature all around. Rafting trips can last for half-day, a full day, or several days. Some options include dinner and various outdoor activities on land.

Adrenaline-seekers can experience the fastest sections of the river on a smaller sportier rafts or inflatable kayaks. John Stevens Canyon and the Middle Fork section of the river, which consists of nine rapids are among the most thrilling rafting spots. In May and June, visitors can experience Class III and IV rapids, while in late summer and fall the water calms to Class II, which is suitable for beginners. The stunning Flathead River canyon is one of the best rafting destinations in Montana and is definitely worth being included on any adventurer's bucket list.

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