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Timber Rafting

Build your own timber raft and sail the Klaralven river like Tom Sawyer and Hucklebery Fin!


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Plan your adventure on the Klaralven river that was used mainly for logging until 1991. Bring your fishing rod, a pair of binoculars, and the will to build something yourself, and you will find this experience to be utterly rewarding. A professional team will help you build your own 18 sq. m timber raft with which you will float you along the river with plenty of hopping fish. A pair of binoculars will help you to notice that the area is also beaver country! Typically you can enjoy rafting during the day time and camping on the riverside at nights. The starting point usually is in Gunnerud, 95 km north from Karlstad, ​and these trips usually last up to a week. Good luck!

Timber Rafting in Sweden - Best Season 2020
Best time for Timber Rafting in Sweden 2020

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