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River Rafting

Discover India's unbridled water and pass parlous rapids. Go with the flow!

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Rafting is becoming one of the most popular water sports in India, and there is a good plenty of destinations you can choose. Bhagirathi river in Uttarakhand is turbulent and thrilling, and also a bit challenging. The course of the river is nestled between two mountains and it takes you through beautiful landscapes and rushing water streams. Visiting it from October to mid-May will be the best choice.

A good destination for river rafting in India is the Kameng River in Tawang. This river is located below the Gori-Chen Mountain and is about 264 km long. This impulsive river holds the potential to delight even the experienced rafter and adventure lover from February to March and also during November and December.

But the most prominent destination for water rafting in India is Kullu and Manali where the River Beas takes place, and your love for thrill and adventure will only grow. Some of the rapids are robust enough to leave you exhilarating memories as well as the picturesque scenery of the river Beas. You can enjoy your rafting all round the year except the period from 15th of July to 15th of September.

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