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Best time to visit Greenland


Observing glaciers under the midnight sun or the northern light is an unforgettable experience


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Greenland's terrain is mountainous and rugged, so water transport has always been a more practical and efficient way to move around. Traditionally kayaks and the larger umiaq were used. Some Northern areas are hard to access even in summer, but the rest of Greenland's waters are perfect for cruising. In fact, it's the best way to get to some parts of the island. Most cruises begin and end in Kangerlussuaq and include a visit to Disco ​Bay and the Ilulissat Icefjord which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cruising is available all rear round, ​but there are two periods that are extra special: summer with the midnight sun and winter with the northern lights. These natural phenomena make for a truly magical experience. Often cruises also offer a unique taste of Greenland. Literally. The crew fishes out 4,000 years old ice caps and crushes it into ice cubes for your drink.

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