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Gowen Thunder Idaho National Guard Air Show 2023

Experience the wonders of the aviation industry at this thrilling airshow

Dates: August 26–27, 2023 (on hold)

Gowen Thunder Idaho National Guard Air Show
A U.S. Soldier is lowered from a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter during the Gowen Thunder openhouse and airshow

Aviation enthusiasts from all around the region attend the Gowen Thunder Airshow–an annual aero event in Idaho. The show takes place on Gowen Field in the city of Boise. There is a ton of activities to engage in, so let's get into the details!

The event features a wide range of aircraft, including both classic warbirds and state-of-the-art military planes. There are exhilarating aerial displays by some of the nation's best pilots. You'll be able to witness performers like The United States Air Force Thunderbirds, the F-35 Demonstration Team, and the US Army Golden Knights Parachute crew. The Gowen Thunder Airshow is not only a great family activity but also a fantastic chance to learn about the development of aviation technology and the significant part it plays in our modern lives. So, remember to book your accommodation in advance and have a wonderful time!

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