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Idaho Fall Colors

Mountain peaks, dunes, and forests—Idaho has it all to impress a devoted leaf-peeper

Idaho Fall Colors
Idaho Fall Colors
Idaho Fall Colors
Idaho Fall Colors
Idaho Fall Colors
Idaho Fall Colors
Autumn Colors in Boise

Idaho nature is beautiful at any season, but during fall, it pops with every shade you can think of. Aspens and maples are signature trees in the state, which transform multiple forests of Idaho into a beautiful blaze of color. Whether in a city or the mountains, autumn in Idaho unfolds its patchwork blanket to the delight of nature lovers.

The fall colors season in Idaho lasts from early October to mid-November. In the north and center of the state, the leaves begin to change in the first days of October, then fall moves to the south, with a delay of two or three weeks.

Fall colors in Boise

Boise is often called "The City of Trees." Therefore, you can expect to enjoy the best fall foliage without even leaving the city. The downtown area and river belt explode with bright maples, cottonwoods, and oaks. The city is also home to Idaho Botanical Garden, one of the best gardens in the whole state to display colorful leaves.

Southwest of Boise, you will find many vineyards, which offer tastings and bright views during the fall season. To the north, Moscow is another destination to explore with amazing autumnal scenery. The University of Idaho campus and its arboretums are among the top places in the city for leaf-peeping.

Fall Hiking

The lush forests of Idaho are a paradise for hikers. Pleasant weather and multiple routes perfectly suit a short stroll or a multi-day adventure. Among everyone's favorites—Sun Valley, which gets incredibly colorful during autumn. Caribou-Targhee National Forest is adjacent to Yellowstone National Park and has plenty of attractions. Don't miss its beautiful waterfalls, including Upper Mesa Falls. Sawtooth National Forest is known for its glorious aspens and the scenic Big Wood River. Pocatello's southeast has some great peaks to challenge advanced hikers, such as Sedgwick Peak and Oxford Peak. Oneida Narrows Reservoir is also nearby for fishing, boating, and enjoying the beauty of autumn in Idaho.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to visit Idaho for fall colors?

The fall colors in Idaho are in their full glory from early October to mid-November. The north and central parts of the state experience color change during the first days of October, followed by the southern regions. The best time to visit Idaho for fall colors is early October-mid November when guests can witness the year's prettiest views. Show more

Where are the best places for leaf-peeping in Idaho?

The Boise River Greenbelt is among the popular destinations for leaf-peeping in Idaho. The scenic route boasts a range of trees like oaks, maples, and sycamores, among others. The Idaho Botanical Garden also showcases the fall leaves' beauty. In addition to Boise, Sun Valley, Sawtooth National Forest, Caribou-Targhee National Forest, and Moscow all offer exceptional opportunities for leaf-peeping fame. Show more

What are the top hiking destinations in Idaho during fall?

The lush hiking trails in Idaho make it impossible not to want to experience the beauty of its fall. The state has a collection of hiking trails for people to enjoy, such as Caribou-Targhee National Forest, Sawtooth National Forest, Sun Valley and Pocatello's southeast region. The last is famous for its challenging trails that hikers take during the autumn months. Its diverse plant life and fauna make it a nature lover's paradise. Show more

What other activities besides hiking and leaf-peeping can visitors enjoy in Idaho during autumn?

Visitors can indulge in a host of activities during the fall season. These include fishing at the Oneida Narrows Reservoir, kayaking or boating on the Snake River, scenic drives while enjoying the foliage or visiting vineyards. Wine lovers get a chance to participate in wine tastings while taking in the splendid views that the area offers. The fall weather is perfect for golfers, while spa lovers and stargazers have to relax and admire the beautiful Idaho skies. Show more

Can visitors expect to see wildlife during their fall visit to Idaho?

Idaho has a thriving wildlife population across its vast landscapes, making it a fantastic destination for fall animal encounters. During autumn, many wildlife species are active as they prepare for winter. Deer, moose, and elk migrate through Idaho's forests, with mountain goats, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and black bears also active. Visitors are advised to maintain safe distancing and respect wildlife's activity and migration patterns. Show more

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