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Dîner en Blanc Montréal 2018

When thousands of people have a chic dinner all together

Dîner en Blanc Montréal in Montreal - Best Time
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© François Hogue

Once a year, in summer this spectacular event gathers refined guests in one place in more than 70 cities around the globe. Montreal is not only one of them but a world headquarter and annual participant.

Dîner en Blanc Montréal in Montreal - Best Season

To begin the feast, everyone lifts a white cloth napkin to spin them around their heads. This means the start of a definitely magic night.

To be a part of this elegant open-air picnic, visitors should apply for an invitation, prepare white costumes, food, tablecloths, and get ready to set up everything fast as they are told about the place of the picnic on the same day. The location can be any public space, like a square or a park.

Dîner en Blanc Montréal Map & Location

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