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Explore the canyons and rivers of Nevada by a kayak


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If you want to relax and enjoy nature, go 50 km east of Las Vegas to the national recreation area of ​​Lake Mead. Here you can see wonderful opportunities for kayaking—Lake Mead and Lake Mojave—both offer perfect settings.

Lake Mead 2020
Lake Mead

The Black Canyon is the best choice for full-day and multi-day kayak trips in the area. It's just beautiful green water, which is ideal for beginners and experienced rowers. You can explore the fabulous caves that are located near the canyons as well. There are about 20 rivers. Some rivers without rapids are suitable for beginners and considered a great starting point for kayaking.

Lake Mojave 2020
Lake Mojave

You can go kayaking at any time of year but spring (March–May) and autumn (September–November) are considered the best season. Winter might be too cold to enjoy this activity but at the same time, you'll have more privacy. Summers are not especially comfortable due to extreme heat. If you choose summer, remember about sunscreen not to get a bad sunburn, as water glare magnifies sun rays.

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