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Hiking in Texas

The stunning beauty and natural diversity of this state are amazing. Just choose the best trail for you!

Best time: March–May | September–November


The diversity of ecosystems in Texas gives visitors the opportunity to choose what they like: steep or flat mountains, grasslands or flower fields, deserts or coastal areas, forest paths or lakes. Over 70 national and state parks offer diverse routes and landscapes​.

The Big Bend National Park offers 240 km of stunning trails. The Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge in Marble Falls is another beautiful place to explore. The beauty of wildlife and stunning views of the Texas Hill Country​ are also waiting for you here. The Pedernales Falls State Park offers a beautiful river with enormous rocks. Here you can also try several trails leading to Wolf Mountain with fantastic views. The Guadalupe Mountains National Park offers a hike to the highest peak of Texas. The Lost Maples State Natural Area is one more place for a great hiking experience. The best time to visit this park is fall, to see all the diversity of colours.

The Colorado Bend State Park is another go-to destination. The forest path will take you to the highlight of the park—Gorman Falls. Here you can also find swimming holes and wild caves. The Big Thicket National Preserve is one place where the journey is just as important as the destination. It's a popular camping, horseback riding​, biking, and canoeing destination ​as well. Hiking in Texas is available throughout the year, but the best time is either spring or early fall, without the heat of summer or cold of winter.

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What makes Texas a great hiking destination and what are the different types of ecosystems found there?

Texas is a beautiful and diverse state that offers an incredible range of ecosystems for hikers to explore. The state boasts everything from steep mountains to flat grasslands, flower fields, deserts, coastal areas, forest paths, and lakes. With over 70 state and national parks, visitors have ample options for hiking with different landscapes, trails, and levels of difficulty to choose from. Show more

Which state and national parks are the best for hiking in Texas?

In Texas, nature lovers can find some of the most beautiful state and national parks for hiking. Big Bend National Park, Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge, and Guadalupe Mountains National Park are among the most popular national parks to explore. For state parks, Lost Maples State Natural Area, Colorado Bend State Park, and Pedernales Falls are top picks. Each park offers a unique hiking experience, from gorgeous rivers to mountain climbs and colorful landscape views. Show more

What's the ideal time of year for hiking in Texas, and why?

The best time to hike in Texas are spring (March to May) and fall (September to November), as temperatures are pleasant and comfortable. The weather during these seasons is mild and comfortable for exploring hiking trails. Visitors can avoid the extreme temperatures of summer and winter by planning their hiking trip during the ideal months. The summers in Texas are hot and humid, while winters can get quite cold. Show more

What are some of the best natural swimming holes and wild caves to explore while hiking in Texas?

There are many incredible parks in Texas where visitors can explore wild caves or beautiful swimming holes on their hiking adventures. For instance, Gorman Falls and several wild caves can be found at Colorado Bend State Park. Hamilton Pool Preserve features a turquoise swimming hole and waterfall. Barton Springs Pool, located inside Zilker Park, is a famous local hotspot. Longhorn Cavern State Park offers cave tours and nature hikes for visitors. Other parks across the state also feature stunning natural wonders for hiking enthusiasts to discover. Show more

What are some of the best spots for camping, horseback riding, biking, canoeing, and, of course, hiking in Texas?

If you enjoy camping, horseback riding, biking, canoeing, and hiking, Texas is the perfect place to experience all these activities. The Big Thicket National Preserve is great for camping, horse riding, biking, canoeing, and hiking. Stephen F. Austin State Park offers trails ideal for hikers, bikers, and horse riders. Inks Lake State Park is beautiful for kayaking, paddleboarding, and hiking. Hill Country State Natural Area is a great destination for hiking and horseback riding. At Palo Duro Canyon State Park, visitors can enjoy horseback riding, hiking, and camping under the stars. Texas state offers plenty of options for outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure and nature exploration. Show more

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