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Open Streets TO 2019

Toronto streets get closed to traffic and open for people and bikes


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It's not every day that you can enjoy downtown Toronto without cars. But a few times per year you can experience Open Street TO with some routes and roads across Toronto open only to pedestrians, bikers, and joggers.

Open Streets TO in Toronto - Best Season 2020

Open Street TO encourages physical activity and healthy recreation, that's why there are plenty of activity hubs along the way. At those pop-ups and centers, people can participate in fun activities like jumping the rope or chalk drawing or playing various games. Needless to say, that Open Street TO is a lovely time for children where they can roam the streets and run safely.

Best time for Open Streets TO in Toronto 2020

Open Street TO usually takes place in the summer and fall, allowing residents of Toronto to experience their city in a new way. During this event, there are no parades, sidewalk vendors and races. So it's not like your typical street festival. But Open Streets encourages people to go out, provides stimulus to businesses and helps the integration of the communities.

Best time to see Open Streets TO in Toronto 2020
Best time for Open Streets TO 2020

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