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Red-Headed Cranes Watching in Vietnam

The watery canal-like Tram Chim National Park in Mekong Delta attracts tourists yearly to enjoy the views of flora and fauna, with the hero of the area – red-headed crane

Best time: January–May

Red-Headed Cranes Watching
Red-Headed Cranes Watching
Red-Headed Cranes Watching

A beautiful scene of sunset and dawn at the Tram Chim National Park's canals of Dong Thap province can be only enhanced with the scene of red-headed crane. Tourists flock to the spot to make hundreds of wonderful pictures and enjoy the diverse nature, including pythons, snakes, cajuput trees and many others.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tram Chim National Park for red-headed crane watching?

To ensure that you get the best possible red-headed crane watching experience, it is recommended that you visit Tram Chim National Park between January and May. During this time, the water levels in the park are at their highest, making it easier for the red-headed cranes to find food. You can observe these magnificent birds in their natural habitat during this period of the year. Show more

Where is Tram Chim National Park located in Vietnam?

Tram Chim National Park is situated in the Mekong Delta region, in the Dong Thap province, spanning over 7,300 hectares. The park is home to one of the world's rarest birds, the red-headed crane which makes it a must-visit destination for all visitors. To get to the park, you can easily take a road trip, hire a private taxi, or take public transport via nearby cities like Ho Chi Minh City. Show more

What other types of wildlife can be seen at Tram Chim National Park?

Aside from the red-headed crane, Tram Chim National Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife species. Visitors can spot several bird species, mammals, reptiles, and fish, such as pythons, king cobras, otters and different types of fish. Tram Chim National Park is a sanctuary to painted storks, spot-billed pelicans alongside other rare bird species. Show more

How long does it take to explore the canals of Dong Thap province in Tram Chim National Park?

Exploring the canals of Dong Thap province in Tram Chim National Park is a flexible activity. Visitors can take as little or as much time as they want exploring the canals, depending on their preferences. Guided tours are available with the option of joining comprehensive tours to learn about the park's history, wildlife, and preservation. Tram Chim National Park offers you the ability to experience the park according to your preferences and at your convenience. Show more

Are there any guided tours available for visitors to Tram Chim National Park?

Guided tours of Tram Chim National Park are available to visitors at affordable prices. Experienced guides lead the tours through the canals ensuring an intimate experience with the park's wildlife. Visitors receive detailed information on the park's history and conservation efforts during the tour. Guided tours come in different types: group, private and boat rides, offering visitors flexibility in the length and variations of the tour to choose from. Show more

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