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Talampaya National Park in Argentina

UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its high red sandstone cliffs

Talampaya National Park
Talampaya National Park
Talampaya National Park
Talampaya National Park

A geological miracle of La Rioja province, Talampaya National Park is located approximately 37 mi (60 km) from Villa Unión, not far from the border with Chile. The park occupies a vast territory of 531,276 acres (215,000 ha) and can be visited year-round via tour operators in Villa Union and La Rioja City. The best time to visit the park is during the fall and spring. Winter can be rather cold, and in the summer, the area may be affected by torrential downpours.

The park's biggest landmark is Talampaya gorge and the walls of the Talampaya Formation, towering 469 ft (143 m) high above the dry river bed. The area was home to dinosaurs millions of years ago – there are countless fossils to prove that. Also, many artifacts, like petroglyphs in the Puerta del Cañón, were left by indigenous people,

Rock formations of peculiar forms are called the Lost City (Ciudad Perdida). They were named this way because they resemble the remains of an ancient settlement destroyed by a meteor shower. In the center of the Lost City, 2 mi (3 km) in diameter, stands an impressive pyramid called Mogote Negro (Black Hillock). To explore the Lost City in Talampaya National Park, visitors need to have a guide and a vehicle. The tour usually takes from 3 to 4 hours.

Practical info

When should one plan a trip to Talampaya National Park, Argentina?

Fall or spring are the preferred seasons for visiting Talampaya National Park. The summer season has heavy rainfall whereas winters can be extremely cold. Show more

What are the logistics for touring 'Lost City' in Talampaya National Park, Argentina?

Tourists are required to have a guide and a vehicle to take a tour of the 'Lost City' in Talampaya National Park. The guided tour lasts for about 3 to 4 hours. Tour operators offer various services to visit the park and opt for guided tours of 'Lost City' in Villa Union and La Rioja City. Show more

How tall are the red sandstones cliffs of Talampaya Formation situated in Talampaya National Park, Argentina?

The towering red sandstone cliffs of Talampaya Formation in Talampaya National Park reaches as high as 469 feet (143 meters) above the dry riverbed. Show more

What kind of fossils can be seen in Talampaya National Park?

Talampaya National Park offers an insight into the past and reveals the existence of dinosaurs through their footprints, eggs, bones, and other associated remains found in this area near the dried-out riverbeds of Talampaya. Show more

What kind of artifacts did the indigenous people leave behind in the Talampaya National Park?

Visitors to Talampaya National Park can see many historical artifacts such as petroglyphs. Petroglyphs are rock carvings that were created by Indigenous people who resided in the area thousands of years in the past that tells about the rich history of the Talampaya National Park prior to European colonization. Show more

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