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Barbados Sailing 2025

Sheltered harbors, sea breeze, and vibrant culture call for Caribbean adventures

Best time: January–March

Barbados Sailing

The beaches of Barbados offer incredible sailing opportunities. Hidden caves, white sand beaches, and turquoise water—Barbados has it all for the perfect boating experience. And viewing the island from the water is always an unforgettable sight.

Barbados is an island of endless summer, as the air temperature here hardly changes throughout the year. But to not catch a storm at sea, choose calmer months from January to March. Besides, the island is the epicenter of many boat races and sailing competitions, typically running from December to July. Mount Gay Round Barbados Race traditionally opens this vibrant season.

The west coast of Barbados is especially famous for perfect sailing spots, such as Sandy Lane Bay or Reeds Bay. In the capital, you can find boating in Carlisle Bay. Lastly, if you opt for Port St. Charles, note that this place is also great for dining on excellent fish and staying overnight after a long day of sailing.

Lastly, explore the map of sailing in Barbados to find the best accommodations nearby. You can always take a break, moor in a town, and dine at local beach restaurants, go sightseeing, or explore the old plantations of Barbados.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Barbados for sailing?

Sailing enthusiasts should visit Barbados between January and March when the waters are calmer. Numerous boat races and sailing competitions take place from December to July on the island. The highly popular Mount Gay Round Barbados Race, which opens this period, is just one of many such events. With its endless summer, Barbados maintains the same air temperature year-long. Show more

Where are the best sailing spots in Barbados?

Sailing in Barbados is best along the western coast, where Sandy Lane Bay and Reeds Bay provide ideal sailing conditions. Carlisle Bay beside the main city is ideal for boating. Port St. Charles, apart from mooring boats, serves excellent fish. Besides providing for perfect boating experiences, the island has beaches with hidden caves, turquoise waters, and white sand. Show more

What sailing competitions take place in Barbados?

Barbados's calendar of boat races and sailing competitions occurs between December and July each year. The annual Mount Gay Round Barbados Race starts this period and is an important event. Barbados also hosts events like The J24 Worlds, and the Flying fifteen racing series annually. Its sailing events draw enthusiasts from worldwide, establishing it a hub for sailing competitions. Show more

What activities can one do while taking a break from sailing?

Barbados offers various activities for tourists other than sailing. Exploring several towns and dining at local beach restaurants are great ways to spend your break. Barbados is rich in cultural and natural attractions and visitors can explore old plantations, nature reserves, and hiking trails. They can also delve into the island's history by visiting numerous historic sites and buildings. Show more

Are there any historical sites to see while sailing around Barbados?

Sailors can witness Barbados' historic sites while sailing. Bridgetown, St. Nicholas Abbey, and Sunbury Plantation House are some of the famous examples. These buildings give an insight into the island's rich cultural heritage and date back centuries. Additionally, the island's towns have local beach restaurants where visitors can take a break from sailing and enjoy local cuisine. Show more

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