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Canopy Walks in Borneo

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Best time: May–September

Canopy Walks
Canopy Walks
Canopy Walks

There are two destinations in Kalimantan and Brunei you should check out if you plan to spend a nice day among pure nature and take a walk with birds flying around.

In East Kalimantan, there is Bukit Bangkirai Park, famous for huge trees, hornbills, and its canopy walk. The latter hangs at the height of 30 metres and consists of five suspension bridges. When you walk along the tree tops, it sways, swings, and shakes because it is made of ropes, nylon netting, steel cables, and wooden planks. You also have to climb wooden stairs up to reach it.

When in Brunei, there is only one treetop walk located within the Ulu Temburong National Park. This place is remarkable due to the virginity of its nature, as only about 1% of an area is accessible for tourists. You have to climb wooden stairs up to the top of the tower where a canopy walk starts. Its highest point is 60 metres above the ground, so you can actually feel yourself on top of the whole park.

The best time of the year to visit these places is between May and September when there is less chance of rain and the wooden stairs won't become wet and slippery. It is also recommended to go there in the morning when a mist falls down on the trees and early birds greet each other and the new day.

Practical info

What is the Bukit Bangkirai Park famous for?

Bukit Bangkirai Park, located in East Kalimantan, is renowned for its vast trees, hornbills, and canopy walkways, making it a perfect day trip destination for nature lovers. Travelers can witness birds soaring, and enjoy the rainforest view while walking on the canopy walkway, which hangs at 30 meters height. The walkway, comprising ropes, steel cables, nylon netting, and wooden planks, consists of five suspension bridges, swaying, swinging, and shaking their way through the forest, making it a thrilling experience for visitors. Show more

Where is the only treetop walk in Brunei located?

The only treetop walk in Brunei is hosted within the Ulu Temburong National Park, which offers exotic virgin nature with 99% of the area untouched by humans. As the national park is the perfect destination for travelers seeking to explore the wilderness, the canopy walkway starts from the top of the tower, making the walk exceptional. The height of the treetop walkway is 60 meters, which provides visitors with a panoramic view of the park's unspoiled beauty. Show more

What is unique about the Ulu Temburong National Park?

Ulu Temburong National Park is solely attributed to its natural preservation, with almost 99% of its expanse being inaccessible to human activity, making it an ideal spot for travelers seeking to bask in untouched wilderness. The park also houses Brunei's only treetop walk, with its canopy walkway starting atop the tower. With its 60 meters height, the walkway offers panoramic views of the park, giving visitors an experience that they will cherish forever. Show more

What materials are used to construct the canopy walk in Bukit Bangkirai Park?

Ropes, steel cables, wooden planks, and nylon netting are the primary components of the canopy walkway in Bukit Bangkirai Park. The construction materials are designed to ensure stability and safety for the visitors. The ropes and steel cables are substantially strong, providing structural and load-bearing support, while the wooden planks serve as the walkway preventing slipping and providing proper footing. Additionally, the nylon netting guarantees the safety of visitors who want to explore the breathtaking view from one of the most thrilling and adventurous canopies in the world. Show more

When is the best time of the year to visit these places and why?

May to September is the best time to visit Bukit Bangkirai Park and Ulu Temburong National Park when rainfall is less, and the slippery wooden stairs are less likely to cause accidents. Starting the treetop walk early in the morning around dawn and avoiding the slippery trails makes walking more enjoyable, as visitors can witness the dew fall, the fog, and the early birds. It is crucial for travelers to plan their visit correctly to experience the panoramic scenery at its finest while staying secure. Show more

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