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Bald Eagles

It is believed that the Bald Eagle symbolizes strength, courage, freedom, and immortality


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The Bald Eagle was considered a sacred bird in the cultures of many Native Americans. The eagle's feathers and claws are widely known as details of the ornaments and ceremonial costumes of Native Americans. This bird is a national symbol of the United States. The talisman of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles was also a Bald Eagle. In the second half of the 20th century, the population of the bald eagle in the United States was greatly reduced and even threatened with extinction. Thanks to measures taken by the US government to restore their numbers, now the situation has improved significantly.

The best viewing opportunities are presented in winter, as when hundreds of eagles come from the north and join local all year residents. A lot of Bald Eagles are spotted between December and March in Klamath Basin National Wildlife Refuge near the border with California and Oregon. Another spot is Cachuma Lake, an artificial lake located in the Santa Ynez Valley of central Santa Barbara County. These birds gather there in large numbers especially from November to February.

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