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Hoes Down Festival 2023

A great place to celebrate the harvest season is Full Belly Farm where the fun never ends, especially for kids

Dates: October 7, 2023

Hoes Down Festival
Hoes Down Festival

The Hoes Down festival is an annual family-friendly event that celebrates the beautiful and varied harvest. It takes place at the Full Belly Farm in Capay Valley, north of Sacramento. The valley features one of the largest concentrations of organic farms in the world. The festival brings together all the farms and creates a truly great celebration. It is also a perfect opportunity to exchange experiences, learn, play, and enjoy nature's gifts together.

Agriculture is an important part of California's life, and this event is a perfect chance to feel it. Here you may find various agricultural workshops like cow milking, sheep shearing, watch demonstrations of age-old crafts, learn more about fruit trees, herbs, and flowers, try out flower design and see some new farm equipment, etc. Walking farm tours and guided bike rides help to see the farm's everyday life with your own eyes. This festival is a perfect place to taste plenty of delicious and nutritious organic food. You can also enjoy wine tasting, live music, and even circus performances, and find some beautiful handmade crafts and gifts to take home with you.

The kids area is truly amazing with lots of activities, workshops, a petting zoo, arts, and crafts. The water slide is too exciting to be missed, as well as the obstacle course made of ordinary farm objects.

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