Best time to travel to Cape Town

Safari in the Cape Town Vicinity

The best known safari destination is Kruger National Park, but if you are short of time, you might also enjoy exploring the parks and reserves not too far from Cape Town

Best time: November–February

Safari in the Cape Town Vicinity
Safari in the Cape Town Vicinity
Safari in the Cape Town Vicinity
Safari in the Cape Town Vicinity

For those who think that once you step out of the city, the wildlife will instantly surround you with the famous Big Five (elephant, buffalo, leopard, rhino, lion) animals included, safari around Cape Town may be a tiny bit disappointing. However, such parks, reserves and gardens as Table Mountain National Park, West Coast National Park, Grootbos Nature Reserve, Bontebok National Park, Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, Cederberg Nature Reserve, De Hoop Nature Reserve, might offer their own special features to excite you.

Some may be close to the city, some a bit further, but the further you get the more splendid animals you will see, in some places even including the Big Five.

Practical info

What are the closest parks/reserves to Cape Town for a safari experience?

A number of reserves and parks promising unforgettable safari experiences are located within close proximity of Cape Town. The Cederberg Nature Reserve, Bontebok National Park, West Coast National Park, Table Mountain National Park, Grootbos Nature Reserve, and Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve are some of the reserves and parks that are close by with different wildlife on offer. Each park can either be driven or driven to, and offer unique features that would appeal to various preferences. Show more

How far is Kruger National Park from Cape Town?

Approximately 1700 km away from Cape Town, Kruger National Park is a commonly chosen destination for safaris in South Africa. You would have to drive for 16 hours or take a 2.5-hour plane ride to reach it. Depending on the individual's constraints, exploring the closer parks and reserves surrounding Cape Town would be ideal as they have their own distinct features that are just as fascinating and easily accessible. Show more

When is the best time to visit West Coast National Park to see its unique wildlife?

It is advisable to visit West Coast National Park to experience the wildflowers in bloom during the winter and spring months, from August to October. Nevertheless, birdwatching in the summer season between November and March when more species are found can also be a fantastic experience. Wildlife at the park is not limited to specific seasons, and the eland and bontebok, among other animals, can be seen throughout the year. Show more

What are some other unique animals that can be seen in the parks and reserves around Cape Town?

In addition to the Big Five, several other interesting animals are also located in the reserves and parks neighbouring Cape Town. In the Table Mountain National Park, for example, you'll be able to spot animals such as caracal, rock hyrax, and chacma baboon. The Grootbos Nature Reserve is the perfect setting where marine species such as African penguin, dolphin, great white shark, Cape fur seal, and southern right whale can be seen as part of the Marine Big Five. The Cape mountain leopard and Cape fox can be found within Cederberg Nature Reserve, while bontebok, an unusual type of antelope, is the main species in Bontebok National Park. Show more

Are there any guided tours recommended for a safari experience around Cape Town?

Numerous safari tours around Cape Town from day tours to half or full-day tours, or multi-day tours are available that will offer unforgettable experiences. A range of specialised tours, including bird watching, flower spotting, and even marine safaris, are available with a little research. It is, however, crucial to check various tour companies' services and prices for comparisons, with some good choices like Cape Convoy or Cape Xtreme, among other popular tour companies around. Show more

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