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Shaolin Flying Monks Temple 2024-2025

Did you know that impossible became truely possible? Master the art of flying with Shaolin monks

Dates: all year round

"Centre of Heaven and Earth”—that’s how people call the Songshan Mountain, the home of the Shaolin Monastery, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism. This place is significant in its cultural impact on the world and is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

And then, in 2017, a large steel levitation machine, The Shaolin Flying Monks Theater, suddenly came upon Cypress Hill. Situated close to the Shaolin Monastery, it was constructed by Mailitis Architects who built it in the shape of a tree and a mountain—two spirituality sacred symbols. The amphitheater’s conceptual and architectural design amplifies the surrounding nature.

But the central question is: how can someone fly inside and above this fantastic superstructure? A mighty wind tunnel at the navel—that’s the answer. The building method of this amphitheater combines ancient and modern technologies. The exterior itself takes a significant part in the levitation process. Stairs help to shape the central part of the stage which centres around the tree-like wind tunnel. And there is also information that even the stair surface can provide the massive airflow for engines.

Visitors can witness local monks from the nearby monastery floating in the air like birds. Levitation shows take part inside the temple every week. Even tourists can try their hand at this unusual art.

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