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Copenhagen Mooning Week 2019

Join and bare your bum for charity

Copenhagen Mooning Week in Copenhagen 2019 - Best Time
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© Rumpegalleriet

There are lots of galleries in Copenhagen but Rumpegalleriet or Mooning Gallery is one of a kind since it's fully dedicated to the beauty of bare backsides. Inspired be Japanese dance theatre Butoh, the project's aim is reinventing the idea of classic portrait photography and to help the experimenter and revolutionary inside of you to blossom.

Peculiar attention to this both intimate, sensuous and grotesque part of a human body is especially relevant today when there's so much talk about nudity and body representation. Sharing pictures of your naked bum can be a new and surprisingly liberating experience. At the gallery, you have the opportunity to sell copies of your own soft side for charity or adore and buy mooning portraits of other people.

Copenhagen Mooning Week is an event that will help you to express protest, to manifest love to yourself or simply to have fun. During the Mooning Week, you can become a volunteer, join the mooning happenings, visit the events in the gallery, talk with the artists, have a glass of wine and, of course, donate your bum for charity. Volunteers will also get printed copies of their portraits. All the pictures of the gallery are analogue and printed with the traditional silver-gelatin printing method.

Copenhagen Mooning Week in Copenhagen - Best Season 2019