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Best time to visit Croatia

Cruising and Sailing

Follow Marco Polo's path and explore Croatia's numerous islands


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Why choose just one of Croatia's beautiful islands if you can visit dozens of them? There are about 1000 islands in Croatia, and the best way to explore them is to go island hopping by boat or ferry. You can start from most well-known islands like Brač, famous for its beaches, windsurfing, delicious cheese and tangerine. Don't miss the island of Korčula, where a famous battle between the fleet of the republic of Genoa and Venice took place in 1298. Then move to hidden getaways like Silba, an island without cars and even bicycles are unofficially banned there from mid-July to late August to preserve the island’s tranquillity. Mljet island will be perfect for nature lovers with its rich forests and untouched flora. The island of Vis is perfect for couples. The island of Pag is known for its cheese and restaurants. The cruise season lasts from March to November but the best weather conditions for cruising are usually from May to October.

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