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Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2022

Have you ever watched an authentic Caribbean-style carnival? It's time to let your hair down in Leicester


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Leicester Caribbean Carnival is a colorful summer festival that embraces different art forms from the local community. More interestingly, it manages to combine them with the true Caribbean Carnival style, making Leicester Carnival a truly worth visiting event.

The first Caribbean Carnival was held in August 1985. Over the years, it transformed into a huge event with lots of activities throughout the day, such as interviews, discussions, performances from Leicester-based artists and musicians, a parade, and many more. Taking place in Victoria Park, it attracts many people who thirst for a high-energy atmosphere and hip-shaking madness.

Please, check the official website in the External Resources section below to get more information and the latest carnival updates. If you are looking for a place to stay, look at the map offering the best accommodation nearby.

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