Best time to go to Flagstaff, AZ

New Year's Eve 2021-2022

Join the numerous celebrations in the heart of the city


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Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 concerns, many events might be canceled, postponed, or changed into limited versions, sometimes at very short notice. Please check with event organizers directly for the latest updates.

Flagstaff always has excellent weather, attractions, and various activities to say goodbye to the old year and to welcome the new one.

The annual Great Pinecone Drop at the Weatherford Hotel gathers Flagstaff visitors and locals to usher in the new year with fireworks, dancing in the street and cheering. There is always a 10 pm and 12 am Pinecone Drop. The 10 pm festivities aren't just for kids and older people, but for early birds who like to get up early on New Year's Day and start their winter adventures as soon as possible. The 10 pm Pinecone Drop has become nearly as well-attended as the midnight party.

Daytime fun-seekers can join the Noon Year's Eve celebration at Heritage Square in Downtown Flagstaff, featuring noisemakers, snacks, firework art, and live music! A countdown to noon with a sparkling apple cider toast awaits.

There are also several venues and bars hosting free dance parties. Masquerade balls, live DJs, local brewery—everything is here for you. Dress as fancy as you wish, and let's tear up the dancefloor!

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