Best time to visit Greece

Skiing & Snowboarding in Greece

Greece can be visited beyond its beach season. If you visit during winter, be sure to check out its skiing destinations

Best time: December–March

Skiing & Snowboarding

Top ski facilities are spread across the slopes from the Macedonia region to Peloponnese, and all around Central Greece. Among the twelve well-known resorts, there are a few that are especially popular.

In Parnassos, you can go skiing near the archaeological site of Delphi. The Kalavrita ski resort has many attractions nearby such as the Strofilia pine forest and the Agia Lavra Monastery. Kaimáktsalan is a short distance from the Edessa waterfalls and ancient Pella. Other must-visit resorts are Vassilitsa, Pigadia, and Mainalon.

Enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Greece from December to March.

Practical info

What are some renowned ski locations in Greece?

Greece is known to have a dozen carefully curated ski destinations, but the most popular ones include Parnassos, Kalavrita, Kaimáktsalan, Vassilitsa, Pigadia and Mainalon. Parnassos is within close proximity to the Delphi archaeological site and Kalamaki beach. Similarly, Kalavrita, another popular destination, is enveloped within attractive sites such as the Agia Lavra Monastery, the Strofilia pine forest and the Cave of the Lakes. Show more

What is the ideal time to visit Greece for skiing?

Most travelers recommend scheduling your winter sport endeavors in Greece between December to March to absorb the peak snow season. Skiing and Snowboarding during this period come with favorable temperatures and the perfect skiing conditions. However, we recommend that you remain updated with snow forecasts and the weather before heading out to your chosen destinations Show more

What are some of the attractions near Kalavrita ski destination?

Kalavrita is a sought-after winter tourism destination in Greece and is enclosed around several exciting tourist attractions. The enchanting Strofilia pine forest has enjoyable hiking spots, while the Agia Lavra Monastery, a sacred space with rich historical importance, is also located here. Besides, the Cave of the Lakes, a breathtaking geological marvel is roughly 17kms from the ski resort. Show more

Are there any historic sites I can visit near Ski destinations in Greece?

Certainly, you can visit several historic sites near ski destinations in Greece. You can witness the allure of the Delphi archeological site near Parnassos, which houses innumerable artifacts from the historic era and provides a firsthand glimpse of the nation's vast history. Kaimáktsalan, on the other hand, is situated near the ancient city of Pella, oozing with historic beauty. Visiting ancient cities is an excellent addition to your skiing adventure in Greece. Show more

Which Ski location is closest to the Edessa Waterfalls and Ancient Pella?

Kaimáktsalan is the nearest skiing destination to renowned attractions such as the Edessa Waterfalls and the ancient city of Pella. Situated along the Greek-N. Macedonia borders, the ski resort is a mere 45kms from the waterfalls and about 60kms from Ancient Pella. For tourists looking for the most convenient option for exploring the region's breathtaking history, the Ski resort is inarguably an intriguing choice. Show more

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