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Mount Rinjani National Park

Climb the second largest volcano in Indonesia to see the most stunning views on Lombok Island


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Mount Rinjani is an active volcano located in the northern part of Lombok. The last eruption was recorded in 2016. It is the second tallest volcano in Indonesia with a height of 3,726m. On top of the volcano, there is a large caldera about 7km in diameter that is partially filled by the crater lake called Segara Anak, meaning Child of the Sea. This stunning blue lake is approximately 200 m long. Indigenous Sasak people consider the mountain to be sacred and perform religious rituals there.

Around 20 villages surround Mt. Rinjani, but guided tours to the mountain usually begin in Senaru, in the north, or Sembalun Lawang, in the east. It is possible to hike the entire way to the caldera and the mountain summit. However, the trails are sometimes closed due to bad weather and volcanic activity.

The huge park is worth exploring on its own. 41,330 ha of the protected forest area is home to rare flora and fauna, like the Ebony leaf monkey, long tailed gray macaque or rusa deer. The endemic Rinjani owl was also discovered here in 2003. On your way to the mountain top, you can see hot springs, wild strawberry fields, and caves.

The best time to visit Mount Rinjani National Park is April to December. It is closed from January to March due to the rainy season and landslide hazards.

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