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Palio della Balestra 2023

This medieval crossbow competition is a real celebration of the Renaissance era

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Medieval traditions are still very much alive in Tuscany. This becomes evident when you see the amazing archery tournament where two teams from Sansepolcro and from Gubbio compete with each other. The antique weapons and costumes of the participants, as well as Renaissance buildings of the ancient cities, contribute to the historical atmosphere of the event.

The competition is followed by colourful costumed parades, Renaissance musical performances, and other festivities. The event is held in Gubbio on the last Sunday of May and then on the second Sunday in September, a rematch is held in Sansepolcro. In fact, similar celebrations are organised in nearly 20 other cities across Italy, but these are less popular in comparison to Gubbio and Sansepolcro.

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