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Santuario Basilica Madonna della Corona

Have you seen a church, suspended halfway between Heaven and Earth?


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Madonna della Corona Sanctuary, or Santuario Basilica Madonna della Corona in Italian, is an ideal place for those willing to calm down and relish the silence with inner peace and prayer with a chance to hike and enjoy the stunning beauty of the place. The sanctuary is situated at 2,539 feet (774 m) above sea level in Spiazzi, in one of the most scenic locations in northern Italy, just off Lago di Garda and less than an hour away from Verona.

The church was built in the early 16th century, and its main chapel saw numerous changes over the following centuries growing larger and having an even larger church constructed over the existing one. Fortunately, the church managed to survive until the 20th century. It was never completely desecrated or destroyed. In the 1970s, an Italian architect tore down a great deal of the aging structure and built it back up, trying to retain its essential artistic embellishments.

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona or Our Lady of the Crown is a unique shrine to visit. It is also a pilgrimage site for believers who come to see the Scala Santa, a replica of the Pilate’s palace stairs that Jesus had climbed before he was condemned to be crucified.

A hike to the Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona is more than a memorable and touching experience, but it requires a good physical shape. This strenuous walk allows you to comprehend the gorgeous beauty of the site—these unbelievably towering mountains, the river Adige winding through, the valley below, and the coralline church peaking behind the Baldo rocks.

When to visit

Sanctuary of Madonna della Corona is open year-round. Opening hours differ throughout the year: from 8 am to 6 pm between November and March and from 7 am to 7:30 pm between April and October. When planning the best time to visit the sanctuary, keep in mind that summers tend to be crowded. Winter months are usually peaceful and quiet. Sundays get rather busy, but the beauty of choir singing echoing in the valley could make up for the social discomfort.

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