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Best time to visit Los Angeles


The stunning nature of national parks, canyons, lakes, and mountains in the vicinity of the City of Angels attracts with its beauty and unpredictability


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Put on comfortable shoes, take a supply of drinking water, sunscreen, and sunglasses and go exploring Los Angeles and its vicinity. You can visit Griffith park with its numerous trails. This is a unique place in the middle of the metropolis. Wildlife watching, hiking, biking, horse trails, and the operating observatory are only a few of its attractions. Visit the famous Hollywood sign, the Travel Town Museum railway and the open air Greek Theater.

Bronson Canyon, located in the southwestern part of the park is a popular destination for dozens of filmmakers. But watch your step because there are a lot of rattlesnakes. In addition to snakes, there is the endangered American mountain lion.

Runyon Canyon Park is a hidden treasure right in the center of Los Angeles. It is located only two blocks from Hollywood Boulevard. However, this spot is unexplored for most tourists. Many Los Angeles residents come here to get fresh air, exercise, and walk their dogs. Runyon Canyon Park offers several different routes, all with a delightful view of the rugged landscape and the urban landscape of Los Angeles. From some points of view you can see the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island in the distance.

Malibu Creek State Park is one of the most non-touristic places. It occupies over 2500 hectare of beautiful landscapes and coastal trails along oak and sycamore forests, and chaparral-covered slopes. A lot of films and television programs were shot in this park. There are many trails for beginners or even the most experienced tourists. Light routes pass through the valleys, and complex ones include climbing.

Park Franklin Canyon is located between the San Fernando Valley and Beverly Hills. It offers luxurious picnic spots and hiking trails. The lake and streams serve as a permanent and seasonal home for birds on the Pacific coast.

If you want to move a bit further from Los Angeles, visit Eaton Canyon and Falls, a zoological, botanical, and geological reserve located at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains. Its main attraction is a 5-km trek to some waterfalls. You will never be alone in this hike, which is very popular among slow-moving families with pets every weekend, so be prepared to share the stunning 12-meter-tall cascade with a crowd.

North of Pasadena, in the San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest wilderness is another dream destination for hikers, mountain bikers, and backpackers. With many canyons and mountains, 53 trailheads and 697 mi (1122 km) of trails it offers many wonderful experiences for nature enthusiasts.

One of the favorite places for beginner backpackers in the Angeles National Forest is Little Jimmy Trail Camp. It's about 1,5-hour drive from Los Angeles and 2-mile (3,2-km) hike. After you reach the campground, you can continue walking uphill to see amazing views reaching far into the desert. There are also several tables and a fire ring. Little Jimmy Spring is known to have the best drinking water in the area. Little Jimmy Trail Camp is an excellent base to start a hike of Mt. Islip, 8,250 ft (2,514 m). or Mt. Hawkins, 8,850 ft (2,697 m). Little Jimmy Trail Camp was named after cartoonist for the Hearst newspapers, Jimmy Swinnerton, who liked to hike in the area.

Another route to the waterfalls which saves you from the Californian heat is Escondido, the highest waterfall in the Santa Monica mountains. This weekend hike is about 5 km. The itinerary is difficult. The real complexity begins after turning right to the upper tier of the waterfall, where you have to walk on a slippery slope along a safety line. As a bonus, you can try bathing under the waterfall in cold water.

A variety of trails makes hiking possible all year round, yet summers may appear uncomfortably hot, especially July to September. So it's better to avoid these months if you plan a lasting hiking adventure.

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