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Christmas or Il-Milied 2019

Christmas time is engrossed in tradition—a favourite holiday for many Maltese people

Christmas or Il-Milied in Malta 2019 - Best Time
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Christmas in Malta is known as "Il-Milied" and is celebrated on December 25th. In December the image of Maltese cities and villages rapidly changes. Streets are illuminated by countless festive lights and show window Christmas nativity scenes appear as well.

Most Maltese are zealous Catholics, so the mandatory program of Christmas holidays for the majority of them includes a solemn mass in one of the main temples of Malta, which lasts all night. The main event is held in the Metropolitan Cathedral of St. John in the capital of Malta. The centre for the more secular entertainment—evening promenades, shopping, and dining out is the main street of Republic in Valletta.

Christmas or Il-Milied in Malta - Best Season 2019
Best time for Christmas or Il-Milied in Malta 2019

On Christmas Day on some stages, for example at Teatru Manoe, artists show performances dedicated to the traditional mystery where children can learn the history of the birth of Christ. The Maltese people celebrate this day with family. They assemble in one house for lunch and stay there till evening. Christmas lunch in Malta traditionally consists of ''dundjan'' (turkey), "pudina tal-Milied"(Christmas pudding), and Qaghaq ta' l-Ghasel, a traditional Christmas dessert.