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Genghis Day 2021

A ceremony composed of grand soldiers with symbolic banners and brave Mongolian horses that highlight a celebration the birth of great Mongolian​ leader


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Though other countries do not have any reasons to admire the notorious world conqueror, the Nomads gratefully commemorate the cunning leader for the foundation of the huge Mongolian Empire through a solemn horseback procession. The pompous ceremony looks stunning on a snow-covered background: the soldiers are dressed in colourful costumes, and the horses themselves are gorgeous contrasting with the white. Nine front riders sit atop light-coloured horses and carry iconic Mongolian banners made of horse hair. All the rest follow them on chestnut brown racers. The parade winds its way from the Government House to​ Genghis Square, which hosts a series of performances held in honour of the Khan. The spectacles are observed on November 12th, the day when Genghis Khaan was born.

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