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late March–mid-May • nature

Witness seven million flowers blooming around you!

Tulip Season

mid-March–late May • nature

These spring flowers transform the Netherlands into a large colourful carpet

Smoked Eel

March–May, September–November • food

Once a staple food, gerookte paling now became a delicacy and a must try

Sailing and Cruising Season

March–December • activity

The Netherlands are made for sailing! Sail the beautiful rivers and channels to admire this beautiful country

Whirling Elm Seeds

late April–late May • nature

Natural confetti all around Amsterdam!

Strawberry Season

March–December • food

The Netherlands have probably the best strawberries in the world!

Eastern Scheldt Lobster

last Thursday of March–mid-July • food

The pride of Zeeland province, this lobster is like no other!

Dunes at Texel

April–November • nature

The natural phenomenon of continuous sand drifting dunes at Texel National Park is a site for everyone to enjoy

Birdwatching at Lauwersmeer

March–May • activity

Lauswersmer National Park is one of the top birdwatching destinations in Europe!

Bloemencorso Bollenstreek

April 19–April 22 • event

Spring brings lots of colours to Holland and is celebrated with the annual flower parade


Sail Amsterdam

not in rangeAugust 2020 • event

One of the rarest and most remarkable events in Amsterdam!

Dutch Carnival—Vastelaovend

not in rangeFebruary 11–13, 2018 • event

Even though Carnival is more of a southern tradition, it's being widely celebrated in Catholic provinces of the Netherlands

King’s Day

not in rangeApril 27 • event

Carnival, dancing, singing and as much fun as you can ever imagine take place on the King's day (Dutch: Koningsdag), known before 2013 as Queensday, throughout the Netherlands

Scheveningen New Year’s Dive—Nieuwjaarsduik

not in rangeJanuary 01 • activity

A typical Dutch tradition with a chilly turn!

Hollandse Nieuwe Herring

not in rangeMay–July • food

Not every herring can be called Hollandse Nieuwe. Check the reason why this one gets the special name!

The Four Days Marches

not in rangeJuly 18–21, 2017 • activity

The greatest walking event in the world attracts crowds of 40,000 people to Nijmegen

Amsterdam Dance Event

not in rangeOctober 18–22, 2017 • event

One of the biggest dancing events in Europe attracts 350,000 visitors from around the world yearly

Alkmaar Cheese Market

not in rangeMarch 31–September 29, 2017 • activity

No country is as famous with its cheese as the Netherlands is! Don't miss your chance to try out all the different cheeses available regionally in one place now

Amsterdam Light Festival

not in rangeNovember 30 2017–January 21 2018 • event

Everything is illuminated around you. This is a period of Amsterdam beautifully transforming​ into a city from a fairy tale

Candle Night

not in rangeDecember 11 • event

The city of Gouda is not only famous for cheese, but also for its annual Christmas candle event

Deers at Zandvoort aan Zee

not in rangeSeptember–October • nature

Visit National Park Zuid-Kennemerland now to witness some macho behaviour of deers

National Mill Day

not in rangeMay 13–14, 2017 • event

Windmills and water mills open doors for all the fans

Skûtsjesilen Championships

not in rangeAugust 05–18, 2017 • activity

The championship of the typical Frisian ships is a highlight of the region


not in rangeMay–August • activity

Watch the traditional Dutch sport and try it yourself

Zeeland Mussels

not in rangeJuly–mid-April • food

Zeeland is famous for two things - lobsters and mussels. Now is the time for mussels!

Football Orange Fever

not in rangeJune 09, 2017 | August 31, 2017 | September 02, 2017 | October 06, 2017 | October 09, 2017 • activity

The Dutch are crazy about two things: football and orange colour

Open Garden Days of Amsterdam

not in rangeJune 16–18, 2017 • activity

A unique yearly event opens the hidden gardens of Amsterdam

Gay Pride Canal Parade

not in rangeAugust 05, 2017 • event

One of the most colourful and fun festivals on the canals of Amsterdam

Maastricht Christmas Market

not in rangelate November–December • activity

The city of Maastricht is famous for its beautiful Christmas market


not in rangeJuly 25–29, 2017 (parade on July 29) • event

Rotterdam summer sparks with the vibrant and colourful carnival


not in rangeDecember 30–31 • food

A New Year culinary habit, attractive to most foreigners

Dauwtrappen: Kicking the Dew

not in rangeMay 25 • activity

The healthy yet odd custom fourty days after Easter

Relief of Leiden

not in rangeOctober 02–03 • event

The commemoration of the defeat of the Spanish siege in 1574 makes up a special celebration in Leiden


not in rangeJune–August • nature

A great summer retreat spot to enjoy walks, hikes and picnics


not in rangeDecember 04 • food

We already know that Sinterklaas is the biggest holiday, but we haven't yet told you anything about these special treats!

Ice Sculptures in Zwolle

not in rangemid-December–late January • activity

Around 250,000 kilos of ice is yearly used to turn Zwolle's city centre into a majestic winter wonderland

Easter Fires

not in rangeApril 01, 2018 • activity

One of the most spectacular celebrations of Easter happens in the Netherlands!


not in rangeDecember 05–06 • event

One of the most beloved traditional characters of the Christmas season in the Netherlands


not in rangeDecember–February • food

A thick Dutch version of split pea soup is particularly good during winter


not in rangeOctober 03 • food

Traditionally eaten for the Relief of Leiden day, the hot stew is a nice filling dish

Cranberries at Terschelling and Vlieland

not in rangemid-October–November • food

The island of cranberries is a true cranberry lovers destination now!

Oosterschelde National Park

not in rangeJune–August • nature

Do you want to see seals sunbathing? Visit Oosterschelde!


not in rangeearly December • food

A popular Dutch Christmas treat

Flag Day

not in rangeJune 13 • event

More of a national day it is a celebration of all things Dutch, including the "new" herring!

Rotterdam Marathon

not in rangeApril 07–08, 2018 • activity

One of Europe's most popular running events


not in rangemid-October • food

With the grand​ opening of hunting season, all meat lovers prepare their forks and knives!

Orchids at Lauwersmeer

not in rangeMay–June • nature

Lauwersmeer park is a beautiful area at any time, but when the orchids bloom it turns into magic

National Tulip Day

not in rangeJanuary 19, 2018 • event

There can be no excuses to miss the National Day of one of the Dutch trademarks - tulip. If you are eager enough and not afraid of crowds this might be your chance to get a distinctive special tulip from North Holland totally for free!

Winter Fun at Hoge Veluwe

not in rangemid-December–January • activity

Beautiful snowy fairy tale exists!


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