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Lomanstraat Street in The Netherlands

Don't hesitate to visit one of the most scenic streets in the world

Lomanstraat Street in Amsterdam is a must-visit spot for anyone traveling to the city. People come here from all over the world because of the uniquely bent lush trees, forming a sort of arch. The big, crossed Honey Locust trees (also called Gleditsia triacanthos) resemble dark urban hedges, which are perfect for taking awesome Pinterest-like pictures. You can walk around, take photos, or go cycling on the street–if you want to feel like a real local.

When is the best time to visit

Lomanstraat is the best place to visit year-round. Its lush greenery gives you the ultimate summertime vibe from June to August. However, during fall, thanks to its rustic fall foliage, it turns into a real fairytale spot. This way, we highly recommend visiting the street at any time of the year, but especially–from late September to early November. Also, it’s no secret that Amsterdam gets extremely busy during this season, so you might want to book your accommodation in advance (check the map below for housing recommendations).

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Lomanstraat Street in Amsterdam?

Visiting throughout the year is the best time to enjoy the rustic fall foliage or the lush greenery of Lomanstraat Street. It transforms into a fairytale spot from late September through early November and fills with the ultimate summertime vibe during June and August. Since Amsterdam gets crowded during the peak season, booking accommodation in advance is recommended. Show more

What is unique about the trees on Lomanstraat Street?

In Amsterdam's Lomanstraat Street, the big, crossed Honey Locust trees, also called Gleditsia triacanthos, create an arch-like formation, an ideal picturesque scene that is unique. The lush dark urban hedges are perfect spots for taking photos. To enrich your Amsterdam experience, a visit to the street is a must-do item on your itinerary. Show more

How can I capture the best pictures on Lomanstraat Street?

If you visit Lomanstraat Street during golden hour, the western side of the street imbues with extra warmth and glow from the sunset light, making taking photos exquisite. Capturing photos from the pavement's very bottom can create an optical illusion, heightening the perspective in your photos. Early autumn is also an ideal time to experience the unique rusty-colored leafy background. Show more

Are there any nearby attractions to see when visiting Lomanstraat Street?

Lomanstraat Street's nearby attractions in Amsterdam include Museumplein, which has Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum just a few blocks away. Besides, visitors can rent bikes, go on canal tours, and explore Artis Zoo by taking a few metro stops around the city, an ideal place for sightseeing. Taking a bike tour from the street can also help visitors discover more beautiful sites around Amsterdam City. Show more

Is it necessary to book accommodation in advance when visiting Lomanstraat Street during peak season?

Booking accommodation in advance is essential when visiting Lomanstraat Street during peak seasons. The rustic fall foliage from late September to early November attracts tourists worldwide, making it even busier. For convenience, visitors can book accommodation within the vicinity or around the city to enjoy nearby attractions with ease. Show more

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